Duyen Hai 3 Extension Thermal Power Plan

Play an important role in ensuring power supply for the Southern region since 2017, reducing the dependence of electricity systems on hydropower sources, especially in the dry season and exhausted years; reduced electricity output must be transmitted from North to South; reduce power loss, increase safety, stability and economy for the system.


Duyen Hai, Tra Vinh province.
Contractor:  1. Mitsui Engineering Shipping Japan. 2. Jurong Malaysia. 3. Construction Corporation No.1 Joint Stock Company (CC1 JSC.)

Why do customers choose Khang Duc?

– Professional construction and absolute safety during the work process. – With owner equipment, a team of experienced engineers and operators, respond quickly to situations arising during construction.


Project implementation time: 2015 – 2018. What we do: – Installing larsen and installing turbine foundation braces. – Digging turbine foundation. – Walls encircling the circulatory pipe – Excavation of the foundation and filling of recirculating sand. – Intake foundation training.

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