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In this article, we’ll take a quick look at how to build a wind turbine from the standpoint of installing the tower, the blades, and the entire turbine.

The size and type of the wind turbine has a considerable impact on the length of time and complexity of the wind turbine installation.

Prior to the installation of any turbine or farm, it is crucial to commission a professional assessment of the site from a physics and geographic perspective, as well as to monitor local windspeeds over a period of time. Although a minimum of three months is advised, longer durations may be required to conduct a thorough examination owing to the changing atmospheric conditions with the passing of the seasons (winter, spring, summer, etc.).

Field survey

The installation of a wind farm requires a geographical overview to decide ground peculiarities that may influence the works. A plan of requirements for construction at the turbine location, a geotechnical investigation to determine the ground conditions, and an earthing study to determine the composition of the ground (needed to plan the electrical connections). The location of the key equipment, such as the turbines, wind turbine transformers, high-voltage substations, and the infrastructure to transfer the power where it is required, is then determined using this information.

Foundation preparation and installation

Completed Foundation preparation and installation (offshore wind farm).
Completed Foundation preparation and installation (offshore wind farm).
Foundation preparation and installation (onshore wind farm).
Foundation preparation and installation (onshore wind farm).

The construction of the foundations depends on the size and type of the turbine system, and is made more difficult by the fact that turbines are now being built higher and larger in order to find stronger and more steady winds.

Foundation preparation and installation for offshore wind turbines.

Additionally, it is typically important to wait at least two weeks following the construction of the foundations to allow the concrete base to fully set in the soil.

Engineers must consider all the physics involved in the proper operation and support of the turbine as well as the vibrations of the turbine itself while building these foundations.

Installing tower sections

The first component to be installed is the tower. Since the towers are so tall, they must be installed in sections rather than all at once.

Installing tower sections
Installing tower sections

We typically use common, high-capacity cranes for tower construction because they allow us to mount the tower’s various components correctly.

Depending on the size of the turbine, this task could take one or more days (and so on the complexity of the process).

Installing the nacelle

Installing the nacelle

The mounting of the nacelle is the following stage in the installation of a wind turbine. There are various nacelle types, and typically the features and dimensions correspond to the size of the wind turbine. The nacelle can rotate 360 degrees in order to position itself facing the wind.

Installing the blades

The installation of the blades is the final stage in the construction of any wind turbine. Every wind turbine has the ability to move its blades, which are directly attached to the nacelle and rotor and can be used to start or stop the rotation and energy production. The system aligns the blades parallel to the wind direction to stop operating (due to too much or too little wind). The blades are placed perpendicular to the wind to begin operation.

In small wind turbines, the rotor is raised along with the blades. This cannot be done in larger modern wind turbines.

Wind Power Contractor in Vietnam

Khang Duc plans, coordinates and supervises the construction phases, including:

  • Site Appraisal and Procurement.
  • Planning, Permits and Financing.
  • Access Roads and Installation of the Foundation.
  • Cable installation.
  • Wind Turbine Construction.

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