Earth works & reinforced concrete structure construction

Depending on the design dossier and the selection of construction methods, the contractor may choose manual excavation or excavation by machine in combination with manual repair. Partially excavated soil was transported out of the site to the dumping site, partly left around the foundation pit and unfinished land for later filling the foundation pit.

The excavator will dig up to the height of the design of the pit (the pile) about 50 cm stop and manually modify the design altitude.


Safety – Quality – Schedule

The foundation is dug to the required level to avoid landslide. During construction, there is always a tracked surveyor to check the height of the foundation pit.

Hole excavation work is always carried out by our modern machinery to bring the highest efficiency to the works. The land is dug in step by step and compacted by the dredger to the design tight.

With strength and experience, we have become one of the leading construction contractors in Vietnam.



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