Steel sheet piles (larsen piles) are not only used in temporary works but can also be considered as a building material with specific characteristics, Construction works.

Depending on the level of work load, the retaining wall can be used only for steel pile or combination of steel pile with steel pile or King pile for increased torque resistance. curling.

In terms of size, steel sheet piles vary in width from 400mm to 750mm. Using large piles often yields more economic benefits than small piles because less piles are needed if the same length is required. Furthermore, reducing the number of piles used also means saving time and money on the downhole operation, while reducing the amount of groundwater flowing through the locking grooves of the pile.

It is possible to list some outstanding advantages of steel pile as follows:

  • High dynamic stress tolerance (both in construction and during use).
  • High bearing capacity while relatively light weight.
  • Steel piles can be easily connected with welding or bolt joints to increase their length.
  • Steel pile can be used many times, so it is economically effective.

Other information

  1. Larsen piles type: 1.1 SSP type V, III, Z type.
  2. Unit price for rent: 520 – 700 VND/m/month.
  3. Unit price for pile:
    65.000vnd/m with piles <= 12 m,
    80.000-95.000m/m > 12m depending on geology.
  4. Time of construction: 1 team of 45 trees / day 8 hours with the type of <= 12m, type> 12m, 35 trees, depending on the geology of each region.


In addition, the degree of corrosion of steel sheet piles over time in different environments has also been studied and documented. Accordingly, depending on the service life of the pre-specified work, the designer can choose the type of steel pile with the appropriate thickness considering the erosion.

It is clear that steel pile is not merely a means of temporary pavement construction but can also be considered as a type of building material that is used permanently in a number of buildings. . Steel pile products offered on the market are also diverse in shape, size (width, height, thickness) so it is quite convenient to choose a suitable product.

Of course, for a particular project there are always many different design solutions using different materials. And then, the choice whether or not to use steel pile depends on many factors such as geological topography, underground water level, cost, construction conditions … However, one thing is certain. The more options an investor has the opportunity to choose to achieve your goals.

Advantages of Khang Duc: always optimize costs for the customer, construction management team according to international standards with the same price.



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