Manufacture and installation of high-intensity ICB inserts 60-80Mpa. By our experience in the long run of design and construction supervision of pavement items, through the experimental section of pavement structure in heavy loads, we strongly recommend Apply new pavement texture, in addition to the traditional texture. It is a high-performance concrete paving block interlocking block (HPC-CBP). This high-performance self-inserting brick has a compressive strength of up to 80 Mpa, a bending strength of up to 12 Mpa, abrasion resistance and high impact resistance.

Comparing the construction cost between the pavement and the existing hard road, the cost of the paved road surface is only 70% of the BTXM pavement and 80% of the soft pavement. Traditional plastic. However, the use of pavement allows the factory to produce paving slabs so quality is controlled and relatively stable. At the same time the cost of maintenance and especially the cost of overhaul pavement is much cheaper. Therefore, the investment cost for the entire pavement life of the pavement is completely competitive with traditional hard and soft pavement. With strength and experience, we have become one of the leading construction contractors in Vietnam.