Wind turbine transport in Vietnam & How it’s done?

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Many of our various trailer assets are used in the renewable energy business. When transported from a factory, port, or rail site to a project site, many cargoes, including wind turbine nacelles, blades, and tower components, offer particular difficulties. These project loads typically need for meticulous planning, permits, and routing to assure synchronized delivery. This necessitates competent project management by knowledgeable staff. It most importantly requires knowledge of the logistics and shipping of wind turbines.

Carriers for the market for renewable energy must:

  • In charge of many large projects simultaneously.
  • Upkeep massive fleets of heavy hauling trailers and a big pool of qualified, experienced drivers
  • develop intricate logistics strategies for wind turbines, frequently involving numerous delivery methods.

Most importantly, carriers need to be experts at coordinating the timely delivery of every component along the route.

How Are Wind Turbines Shipped?

Transporting 35-m-long wind turbine blades is a very large burden. They are still manageable for truck transportation at this length. However, the truck transportation infrastructure is under threat from the move toward larger, higher wind turbines with blades that are close to 61 feet long. Trains have occasionally been used to transport wind generator assembly. The traditional 27-m railroad flat wagons may not accommodate the larger, longer generator blades. Perhaps longer, more specialized vehicles are needed. Some assembly are even taller than railroad tunnels and underpasses.

The problem of transporting the components from the railroad terminal closest to the wind farm remains, and that journey may be the most difficult on the entire path. The national transportation system has challenges due to size and weight. Since many wind farms are situated off of major thoroughfares, accessing them often necessitates taking side roads, which can be curvy and narrow. Small towns are frequently traversed by these highways. It is difficult, time-consuming, and costly to navigate these routes and the barriers and impediments in the way.

Similar to previous Superloads, transport companies must secure the required permissions and surveys for every state that the cargo will pass through. Permitting usually needs:

  • A survey of the route by engineers to check for bridges, grade crossings, overhead obstacle.
  • Review of local traffic patterns
  • measures to prevent obstructing emergency vehicle routes.
  • Dimensional diagram of the load.
  • Explanation of why alternate transportation is not available.
  • A practice run of the route.
  • Compliant escort services (private and/or police escorts).
  • Compliant state and local travel schedules.
  • Seasonal considerations

How much does it cost for wind turbine transport in Vietnam?

It may be a time-consuming and hazardous undertaking to haul wind turbine parts. How far you need to carry a wind turbine will determine how much it will cost to do so. Please contact us for quotation.

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